who are we?

Laura_Vidal holds a PhD in Education Sciences from the Univerity of Paris 12 and is a member of the LIRTES lab, devoted to informal learning and the valorization of experience. She has also worked as a outreach coordinator, a researcher, an editor and a translator with Mozilla, The Engine Room, IFEX and Global Voices. Her teaching work combines languages and intercultural communication at the École de Mines ParisTech and the École de Ponts ParisTech. Some of her writings have been published by GenderIT, Cinco8 and Public Radio International.

Violeta_Camarasa is a journalist and communication consultant with over 15 years of professional experience in strategic communications and new media, and a lecturer at the MA in Global Communications of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is about to start her PhD in online misinformation, and has been a contributing author for Global Voices, an international, multilingual community of writers, translators and academics, since 2012. 

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